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Q: I have never acted before. Should I still audition?

A: Absolutely! No experience is required. How are you going to get experience if you never audition? And don’t start to tell us that you don’t think you’re any good. You never know until you try. We’re also looking for people whoe are talented in other creative disciplines (i.e. writing, music, dance, etc...). So please, you’ve come this far...see it through.

Q: What if I like acting, but I have no experience or desire to write?

A: Dramatic performance is the primary creative aspect of our services, so we still want you to audition even if you consider yourself “just an actor.” However, if you can act, chances are you are good at observing people and figuring out what is going on isnide their heads. Guess what? That’s exactly what writers do. But even if you’re dead-set against it, we’d love to see you showcase your acting talents anyway.

Q: Will my involvement in Living Parables keep me from auditioning for Wake Forest theatre productions?

A: We ask that troupe members make Living Parables a top extra-curricular priority. That said, it is not the only extra-curricular activity troupe members are involved in, and we do our best to accomodate schedules when possible. Depending on the show, the time of year, and your personal limites, you may find it difficult to participate in a Wake Forest production andLiving Parables at

the same time. Then again, there have been many members who have remained very active in the Wake Forest Theatre Department, and also offered strong contributions as members of our troupe. Think and pray on it, and then decided whether you can make Living parables a priority.

Q: What kind of demands will Living Parables put on my schedule?

A: Depending on the time of year, the time commitments will vary. However, you can count on one rehearsal per week (usually in the early evening) and one Bible study per week. During the second half of the semester, we usually have one to two performances per week in addition to the rehearsal and Bible study. Performances are at various times. Plan on several social events throughout the semester as well. This may sound like a lot of time, but rest assured, we think you’ll find it to be fun, rewarding, and very well worth it.

Q: Why do I have to sign the “Statement of Belief?”

A: Living Parables is a ministry to glorify God and share the gospel. It is vital that we are in agreement about basi beliefs of our faith in Christ. Only as a united body in Christ can we be an effective ministry and bear everlasting fruit.

Q: Is Living Parables affiliated with any denomination or campus ministries?

A: No. The troupe is non-denominational. We are not sponsored by any campus group. but we recognize that we share a common purpose with many campus ministries and local churches.

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